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A Ghanaian brewery shows how hard life is for small businesses

"To ramp up production from a mere 200 litres a batch in 2016, Mr Djameh began looking for about $400,000 to buy bigger brewing equipment and lots more kegs. He applied for an interest-free loan under a special scheme at a state bank and was approved, he says. But the bank then said it had no cash to lend. The cheap-loan scheme was later changed into one that charged 10% interest. That did not deter Mr Djameh, who was keen to reap economies of scale. “Breweries always make money,” he grins. However, he balked when the loan officer wanted a 10% kickback, he says, adding: “If you’re not prepared to pay [and] you don’t have a strong political connection, you will not get the money.”

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The Great Pandemic Bubble Is Popping

"This is because we are being punished for our past sins. What were those sins? I call it “The Great Pandemic Bubble.” Here is how it breaks down — the pandemic struck in early 2020, markets went into free-fall as governments locked people in their homes, central banks and politicians stepped in with historic monetary and fiscal stimulus, economies and assets recovered in record time, and one of the greatest bull runs in history was topped off with an epic asset bubble at the end of 2021."

What makes you YOU?

"After a famous battle, the legendary Theseus has his ship moored in a harbor as a museum piece. Over the years parts of the ships, such as the wooden planks, begin to rot and need to be replaced. The question then is if all the parts of the ship are restored, at what point is the ship no longer that of Theseus... but instead becomes a new ship?"

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